Connecting to KLYEMAX


Secure by Design:

The site has been designed from the start with high security built in to protect user account funds.

No crypto currency is stored on server, funds are held in our cold wallet to prevent hacker theft.

This means that even if a hacker were able to gain access to the server, funds could not be stolen.

All site and user funds are stored in the cold wallet address above until withdrawal is requested.
All deposits are forwarded to the cold wallet address automatically within 30 minutes or less so.

(Note: The amount in users accounts and cold wallet may slightly vary due to login / referral bonuses)


2-Factor Protection:

Also offered for enhanced account security is 2FA. Google Auth or any other TOTP auth app works.
It is highly suggested users maintaining a BTC balance on KLYEMAX enable 2FA account security.
Enabling 2FA makes it nearly impossible for hackers to gain unwanted access to account and funds.

If you are logged in you may enable/disable 2FA under “ Account” or Click Here for 2FA Settings.


Login Guard:

Failed login attempts are logged and limited in order to reduce password guessing / brute force.
This offers great protection against would be hackers and allows us to defend against attacks.
Multiple failed login attempts will temporarily block access to the account in order to protect it.

If you are accidentally locked out of your account by login guard please contact us via “Help Chat”.
Resetting your password will not circumvent this security measure in order to maintain safety.


Safe Streaming and Viewing:

Performer and viewer safety is a high priority on our site. The streams are constantly monitored.
While we have very few rules in regards to what can be broadcast, we do fully enforce them.
Anyone caught breaking what is set out in our Rules / Guidelines will have action taken against them.

Note: The underlying website software running KLYEMAX was recently updated causing a number of bugs. Not sure how long it will take to fix. Dismiss