Connecting to KLYEMAX


KLYEMAX offers shares for investors to join our site

Are you a savvy investor looking to get in on the future of the 18+ webcam and gaming cam industry?
Invest in KLYEMAX and earn monthly dividends in BTC when the site fully launches in the near future.

What are KLYEMAX shares?

KLYEMAX issued 250,000 shares at an original face value of 0.0001 per a share for 25 total.
The 250,000 shares created represent and own  15% of the website and its future profits.
Dividends will be calculated once a month and paid out on the 1st of each month after launch.
A general overview of the asset can be viewed at
Address of issuance and dividend send address: 1HLz1yHFyiQwKFXhRCLgBtCBpYQFPVXVKL
Note: This asset is locked on CounterParty (XCP) meaning no more shares can be issued / created.

How can I acquire shares?

These shares are openly traded on DEx, which is CounterParty’s (XCP) decentralized exchange.
All shares / dividends are issued on Counterparty – Get a XCP/BTC wallet at
You may trade KLYEMAX/XCP on DEx permitting any shareholder is trading the asset at that time.

When do dividends start?

We estimate the site fully could be coded and tested for launch before June 2016. *fingers crossed*
However do to circumstances out of our control this may take less or more time to fully launch.

Note: The underlying website software running KLYEMAX was recently updated causing a number of bugs. Not sure how long it will take to fix. Dismiss