Connecting to KLYEMAX

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General information

  • Access and membership to this site is absolutely free.
  • The only time you will be charged is when you decide to deposit crypto currency.
  • All deposits are one-time charges, meaning you will never be charged twice for the same deposit.
  • We do NOT use recurring charges or use other deceptive billing practices.
  • Since we have no paid memberships or subscriptions at this time, there is never a need cancel your account.
  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please see our Refund policy below.

Privacy and security

  • Your privacy and security are our top priorities.
  • All deposits pass through secure gateways utilizing 128-bit encryption

Declined and pending transactions

In rare cases, when a crypto transaction is declined, you may still see a pending charge on the block chain  for a few days. This pending transaction will go away by itself within 1-7  days and you will not be charged anything since the transaction was declined.

This situation happens more often with the online Bitcoin wallet if low fees were used.

Here is the technical explanation:

If lower than standard fees are used to send Bitcoin (or other crypto) to an address the miners may not include it in a block and may favor other transactions instead. In some cases it may take a few hours for the transaction to be included in a block.

The only way for the hold to be released early (before it goes away naturally in a few days) is for the transaction to be dropped from the mempool or included in a block by successfully reseeding it with a higher fee.

Always make sure to include a fee when sending crypto currencies as the network suggests.

Please understand that there is absolutely nothing we can do to help or speed up the process.

Delayed deposits

Your deposit will be credited to your account once our payment gateways have confirmed it.

The time this takes varies slightly on a number of factors including coin and block mining times.
If your deposit has not shown up in 10 BTC (over an hour) please contact us in the Help Chat to the right.

Delayed withdrawals

All BTC withdrawals are processed manually and are generally sent within 15 minutes of being received.
BTC will be deducted from your account and sent as soon as possible with TXID available on request.

Refund policy

KLYEMAX offers no refunds on purchases or deposits. You however may withdraw from performer accounts.
If you would like to upgrade your account to performer please contactf us in the Help Chat to the right.

Note: The underlying website software running KLYEMAX was recently updated causing a number of bugs. Not sure how long it will take to fix. Dismiss